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Leads Leap is the foundation of The Three Steps system.  You can join Leads Leap as a free member.  As a free member, it would be difficult to find a program better than Leads Leap to help you develop your online business.  You get the ability to create your own Lead Capture Pages, a contact management system and a Tracker. 

However, as a paid member, you unlock the full potential of the system autoresponder which is called 'Send Steed".  In fact, the 45 day email follow-up series that you get with The Three Steps was created with Send Steed. 

Finally, Leads Leap gives the upgraded member the benefit of what is called 'spillover' which means that new people joining Leads Leap without a sponsor are distributed to upgraded members.  I recall that, in my first month as an upgraded member at Leads Leap, I received over 30 'followers' in my downline from 'spillover'. 

Now, while you can join Leads Leap as a free member, the power of The Three Steps is unlocked when you upgrade in each of the three steps meaning that you must upgrade at Leads Leap, All in One Profits (AIOP) and Global Domains International (GDI).

Remember too that each component of The Three Steps, Leads Leap, AIOP and GDI,  have consistently performed for it's members over the years.  Each has stood the test of time and, in my view, you really are served much better if you become a member of a platform that has demonstrated reliability, consistency and stability.  The internet is littered with failed programs and some that were, from the beginning, outright frauds.  

Now, while you can make some money as a free member in most affiliate programs, I have learned over the years that, as a free member, you are leaving way too much money on the table for the creator of that particular platform.  As Stan Stuchinski pointed out in his 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' you have to invest money in your business in order to make money! 

In short, if you are not willing to invest in your business, just as in any business, you are probably just wasting your time.  The total monthly outlay in The Three Steps program is less than $50.00!  You will see, however, that you will break even very quickly with this program and, consequently, will be in a position to profit thereafter.

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