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 Welcome to the Three Steps!  

Are you ready to plug into a three step system that is proven to allow anyone to create  unlimited residual income.  The three steps program is based on a business model which has proven, time and again, it's ability to generate unlimited residual income for any and all who simply 'plug in' to the system.

Naturally, the user has to promote the system and encourage her/his prospects to 'plug in' and simply follow this path to successI call this path the Road from Rags to Riches because this business model has consistently worked for others and it will work for you too!


My name is Grant Rayner and I have been marketing online for over ten years.  I have also been in business for myself for over 35 years.  Are you ready for online success?  If so, then I invite you to follow carefully.


What Are The Three Steps?


The Three Steps consists of three of the world's most stable, consistent and lucrative income platforms to be found anywhere.


Step One is a marketing platform which is the foundation of the system.  You simply 'plug in' to this system.  Those who join you do the same. This is a critical benefit to those of you who might still be struggling to generate income from the internet or to those who are entirely new to internet marketing.  The entire marketing process is done-for-you!

For those of you with some experience with online marketing, the ability to just 'plug in' to an existing, proven success program makes 'duplication' very simple.  There is no need to coach your new followers.  Your new associates just 'plug in' to the system just like you did.


And, as many of you will already know, follow-up with prospects is a key to success.  Unfortunately, the other side of that coin is that, without automated follow-up, your chances of succeeding with an online business are very slim indeed.  In this program, email follow up with prospects is, you guessed it, done-for-you!   Finally, the Three Steps sales funnel can be used to promote any online business, affiliate program, traffic sources and your blog if you choose!

Step One of the Three Steps program is the Power Lead System.  It is the foundation of the system.  Steps two and three are two of the world's most lucrative income-generating platforms.  All in One Profits (AIOP) and Global Domains International (GDI) are steps two and three.  This website was created with the site-builder provided by GDI.  When you become a member at GDI, you can create your very own domain name which can be your internet address for life and, with the site-builder, you can create a website just like this one to promote the Three Steps.

Now, as many of you will already know, there are 'team-builds' out there that promote AIOP or GDI or both!  However, as many of you will also know through experience, team-builds are only as good as the team's weakest links.  I have always thought that many would-be marketers join team builds because of their inability to achieve online success on their own.  With the Three Steps program, there is no need to carry any weak links.  Your efforts with this program all come back to you.

Ready to take a look at the 'nuts and bolts' of The Three Steps?  Tap on the banners below to start your journey toward financial independence!  






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